Pastor’s Update 5/7/2020

Dear Grace Family,


     I’m reminding you that today is the National Day of Prayer, a day consecrated to interceding for America since 1952. I’m challenging each of us to spend a portion of time today where we are alone, on our knees if that is possible, crying out to God for mercy. May we enter that time of prayer in praise of Who our Magnificent God is and then confess our sins and the sins of our nation before Him before we humbly petition Him for anything. Please don’t let the busyness of the day push this priority aside. If you know you are not fully surrendered to our Lord Jesus Christ, NOW is the time to surrender. NOW is the time to prepare for the battles ahead. Turn back to God; remove the sins that so easily beset you; prioritize your life to KNOW HIM better and make Him known. Ask to be filled by the Holy Spirit so that you will have POWER to proclaim Jesus Christ boldly.

     I feel that most of us have no idea what is REALLY taking place in the world behind the scenes at this time. Christ warned us that deception would describe the whole aura of the end of the ages. Many of us see that increasing. I pray for wisdom, discretion, and prudence for all my Grace Family. Don’t believe everything you hear without researching it and testing it to God’s Word. Many people, institutions, policies, and plans are not trustworthy anymore. The world has been turned upside down. America, as well as the world, is poised to recover or plunge into unthinkable and unprecedented chaos with no end in sight. Nevertheless, we pray, as always, for national renewal and spiritual revival which could easily be birthed in the furnace of this crisis.

     Most of us at Grace are grandparents; many others are graced to be great-grandparents. Please take time today to intercede for the mind and heart of your grandchildren. The world they are facing will try the foundation of their very souls.

     The National Day of Prayer will be a national broadcast on May 7, 2020, at 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. It will be a “virtual gathering” zoom service, broadcast, streamed, posted Facebook Live, on television on GodTV, Daystar, NLC & Brio TV, and others. It can be heard on the radio on Moody & Bott Radio Networks. For more prayer suggestions, please visit the site

     Meet you at the Throne today!


Pastor John

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