We are devoted to helping with missions across the country and the world!
Below is a list of all the missionaries our church supports throughout the world!

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Active Missionaries

Sam & Kari Bruce
Asia Pacific
Robert and Hope Carter
SIM USA – Kenya, Africa
Gerard and Anne Chalvet
Christian in Many Lands – France
David and Deborah Frank
Global Outreach International – Spain
Jeremy and Sylvia Frank
Global Outreach International – Spain
Ed and Vicki  Germann
International Students Inc. – NC, USA

Pat and Faith Hansen
OMF International – USA/Far East

Scott and Gail Kohler
Wycliffe Bible Translators – USA
James and Kari Kuster 
CRU USA – Indiana
Brian & Brooke Johnson
Ethnos360 – Mexico
Gerald and Debbie May
TEAM – Japan
Christopher & Malgorzata Osiecki
Slavic Gospel Association – Poland
Eric and Ellen Peters
Donna Jackson Saune
Commission to Every Nation – Peru
Dennis & Bonnie Slothower
Arlan and Melody Tiegs
Ethnos 360 – Training Center, Missouri, USA
Bill and Carol Turner
Andrew & Chantel Underwood
Nexus International – TN, USA
Jay and Beth Weaver
World Team – PA, USA

We have a number of missionaries who, for security reasons, cannot be listed above. Please continue to pray for those unlisted individuals as they make great sacrifices to spread God’s word.

Retired Missionaries

Ken and Judy Hollingsworth
Wycliffe Bible Translators – USA/Cameroon
Art and Dot Jackson
Wycliffe Bible Translators – USA/Puru
Armand and Jean LeBlanc
Christar – Middle East
Darryl and Kyla Palmer
Ethnos360 – Asia Pacific
Jeff and Pamela Smythe
Doe River Gorge Camp – TN, USA