Pastor Mark Tanner

Senior Pastor

Mark has always been involved and/or served in a leadership role in the church since his youth, as well as music ministry. However, after receiving his calling in the ministry, he attended and graduated from Liberty University. Mark Tanner is married to his wife Brittany Tanner and has 3 children.

Tim Barton Headshot

Tim Barton

Family and Youth Pastor

Tim has felt called to student ministry since high school. He attended Emmaus Bible college in Dubuque, Iowa and has been working in youth ministry for 5 years. He is married to his wife Shelby Barton and has 2 boys.

Clair Gunter

Events Coordinator

Clair has formally been the Events Coordinator at Grace Fellowship since 2022, but she has helped plan, organize, and put on innumerable events at the church for many years prior. Her and her husband Joe became members of the Grace Fellowship family in 2015. Clair is a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She is an active member of the Women’s Fellowship and also serves on the Mission Committee.

Lauri McClung

Office Manager

Lauri has been the Office Manager at Grace Fellowship since 2019. She currently oversees the administrative duties required by the church.

Nick Stadler

Technical Director

Nick was born and raised in Grace Fellowship. He helped run the AV system from 2014-2015 while in high school. After graduating college, he re-joined the AV team in 2019 as a fill-in member, became a permanent member in May 2020, and was made Technical Director in late 2020.  He currently oversees the AV equipment, manages the church website, and ensures the quality of the Sunday morning service and live stream. Nick is married to his wife Hanah.