Our purpose is to lead people into God’s presence through praise and worship.  Corporate music is a significant part of our Sunday worship. It is both a joyful response to God’s abundant goodness and mercy and a conscious affirmation of belief in His Word. We sing a mixture of traditional hymns, contemporary music, and hymn lyrics set to contemporary melodies. This is called a blended worship style. Our band leads our worship service each Sunday morning. They practice from 9:00AM to 10:00AM to prepare for that day’s worship at 10:30AM. All of our band members are volunteers. Occasionally, we will have music specials including but not limited to solos, duets, instrumental songs, and children’s performances.
During holiday seasons, we cater our worship songs to the seasons, such as singing traditional Christian hymns during the Christmas season. Outside of our Sunday worship, we will on occasionally host cantatas, most often for Easter or Christmas. When we have cantata, we ask for volunteers from the congregation to join the cantata choir. The cantata choir will practice weekly for a few months before the performance. All of our cantata choir members are volunteers.